My Head Shaving Experience in India – Razor head shave in barber shop – True Story


This is my true story that happened during my school days in India. I lived with my uncle alone during my school days. It was a summer vacation after my 10th standard examination. I was about 15yrs then. Summer Vacation is really boring because there are no friends around my home and I live alone with my uncle. I kill time by using my PC and TV.

It was about one week after my summer vacation started. My uncle told in a fine night that

‘I am going for a business trip for one long week you come along with me.’ I really don’t like going to uncle’s business trip cause I know it is utter boring there. After lot of arguments I finally convinced him that I will stay alone for a week. Since I have little experience in staying alone in his 2 day business trips he was convinced.

Soon all his arrangement was made and he was ready to go. He gave a lecture on how to stay alone home, he told me many things in which one thing stroked me deeply

‘Look at your shaggy hair… Can’t u get a haircut?? This is your summer vacation right so you will be home for 2 months so go for head shave, it can beat this hot summer!!!’

I was shocked to hear head shave. Even though I didn’t react in any way for that I actually decided to go for a head shave in my mind but I was so afraid of my looks and others reaction. After my uncle left I was totally lost thinking about my head shave. I finally decided to go to barber the next morning and shave off my messy hair. I felt the night so long and I was super excited and also I was super shy to do it.

At morning I woke up at 7am. I locked my house and started walking to the barber. On the way I was thinking about the shave and was rubbing my hair and messing it up. I reached the barber soon. The barber shop wasn’t empty as I expected. The two chairs were already occupied and one customer was in waiting chair. I became no.2 in the queue. Soon more customers joined in the queue and barbershop became crowded. On sitting in the waiting chair I was getting shyer and I was thinking how to ask for a head shave in front of this crowd. Soon my turn came and I was seated in the barber chair. I was in a complicated stage by then. The barber asked me

‘Medium haircut??’ My tongue didn’t have the strength to tell head shave I don’t know why that happened. I simply nodded my head to show YES.

The barber took the scissors and started from backside. He finally gave me formal medium haircut. With a great disappointment I came out of the shop. I was asking to myself why are you shy for a head shave? I replied to myself that nobody is around me this summer vacation expect for my uncle who already asked me to shave my head. By the time my school open my hair will grow a decent length. I talked to myself and build up courage to shave my head. But I know my chance was over, in disappointment I put down my head and walked through the narrow valley to home. On the way I found a small shop opened, it took me a minute to recognise that it was a barbershop. The shop was empty, I saw an old age barber sitting in front of shop reading newspaper. I stopped in front of the shop, the barber invited me in, folding his newspaper down. I was not quite sure what I was doing, I went inside the shop. I was seated down the barber chair and soon he capped me. Barber asked me

‘How do you want it today’? After taking a deep breath I finally told

‘Take it off, I need it shaved’. The barber looked at me surprised and confirmed it by asking

‘Are you sure to go bald?’ To support my decision I told

‘It is my summer vacation so… ‘.

‘You want clipper shaved or razor shaved?’ He asked me. In India straight razor shave is quite common but I have never experienced it. Years back I have an experience of a clipper #4 all over my head and that was the shortest haircut that I experienced since then. With a small delay I replied

‘Razor shaves.’ The barber turned around picked up a straight razor, he took a blade and broke it into two pieces and he loaded one half in the razor. Seeing all these I was really excited. He then took the water sprayer and started spraying it into my head. He sprayed it so long all over till the water in the sprayer bottle finished. My head was drenching. He rubbed my head all over so well. He took a comb and combed my front hair down and the back hair towards the backside. I myself leaned my head down as a signal to say start shaving. He unfolded the razor and touched the razor upper backside of my head, he shaved away a big stroke towards the back, and it was really great feeling for me. I saw the visible scalp through the mirror. He soon finished my back side. I saw the full scalp at the back side of my head. He then started with sideburn on the left side, razor moved from the left to front. I could see my hair shearing down by then. The front half portion was bald soon, and then he took a break to take ringing phone. I saw the two waiting customers looking at me and my bald head. I heard a customer telling his son ‘you will also shave your head like this now’. I really felt annoying sitting with the half shaved head. Soon the barber came and finished shaving the remaining half head. The barber repeatedly shaved my entire head again and again for making it super clean. I paid the barber and went out the barbershop, I could feel that everyone in the shop was looking at my bald head till I was not visible to them. I even could not believe that I was walking home with a shaved head. I was rubbing my bald head to feel the freshly shaved stubble on the way to my home. I soon reached home. I spend hours looking at my bald head in mirror. I took the shaving cream of my uncle and applied it in bald head and I rubbed. You know I really played with my bald head and pampered it the whole day. My first experience was my superb experience in my life.

“Forgive me for the spelling and grammar mistakes”

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